Gabriel Ramirez

Hispanic Contractors of Colorado

They wanted to redesign their current site and give it a more updated look. They also wanted to make sure it was more appealing to their demographic. I gave them two options and this is the one they chose.

The Heinrich Report

I was asked to redesign the Heinrich Marketing newsletter emails because they weren’t getting any clicks. After my redesign 99% of the people on the list clicked and are still clicking. The coding was done by a different person but I eventually brought it in house.

Young Philanthropist Foundation

YPF wanted to update the look on their site and have it hit their target audience better. Their target audience consists of teachers, students, and parents. I gave them three designs, they chose the third design.

PassTimeUSA Print

After updating their brand identity I created several ads, brochures, and datasheets to promote their new look and services.

Sprite New Logo

Used the new Sprite logo in all of the future designs for them. Customers really liked the new logo and we used it in everything including, but not limnited to, TV scripts, Radio spots, print ads, and anything else we could think of.


Working very closely with the Lead Digital Artist and the Art Directors I created many print ads, billboards, buttons, air fresheners, door hangers, pylons, and many other things for Volkswagen.

Sprite Old Logo

My team only used the old Sprite logo a few times when I was first assigned. We used it in a few TV ads and as an ending sequence for TV spots.

Campaign Comparisons

I was tasked with creating campaign comparisons for different products for a Sprite campaign we were going to present for print, TV, and radio.